Whether it is a flight crew, ramp equipment or specialized transportation services to carry aircraft equipment across the country, Aero Adapt possesses the experience and resources to help you succeed, no matter the complexity.

Flight Crew

Providing highly experienced and qualified crew to support any operation, anywhere and at any time. Our pilots are experienced in aircraft ferry and delivery flights, aircraft acceptance, demonstration and observation flights on behalf of aircraft owners and lessors. We can crew flight operations on a large variety of aircraft types including B777, B787, B737, A330, A320 and ATR. Our pilots hold airline transport level ICAO licences as well as various other validations to support a wide variety of operations including 2-Reg and US crew visas. We also have highly experienced flight examiners for continuing oversight of our pilot standards and can conduct pilot proficiency checks on most aircraft types.

Ramp Equipment

Whether for an ad-hoc flight, scheduled services or military mission, Aero Adapt can source, relocate and maintain specialist ramp equipment on an assortment of lease terms to ensure your operational success.

For a better solution to your unique crewing or handling requirements.