In a landmark deal between the Australian and United Kingdom governments, four million Pfizer-BioNTech (Pfizer) vaccine doses were secured to support Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Our team at Aero Adapt was called on to support Australia’s national carrier with the vital mission of getting the vaccines from the UK over to home soil.

Agile support for planned (and unplanned) flights

With a tight turnaround time to deliver the vaccines, Aero Adapt worked quickly with the carrier to secure the required overflight permits. Evidently, with over 4 million doses to be transported, numerous flights needed to be scheduled to transport the vaccines.

Understanding the importance of these flights, our team at Aero Adapt worked tirelessly to attain the permits necessary on-time to help ensure the vaccines could be delivered on schedule. 

Securing permits over Egypt and Saudi Arabia in as little as 6 hours, Aero Adapt leveraged our extensive network and trusted partners to secure the transportation of the vaccines to Australia in record time.

With Aero Adapt’s support, Australia received its initial Pfizer vaccine delivery over a series of flights from London to Sydney — with the first flight carrying 164,970 doses and the second carrying 292,500 doses alone.

The success of this project came down to Aero Adapt’s agile service framework. We were always just one phone call away for our client, which meant we could address key challenges for our client in real-time, at all hours. 

Whether it is the transportation of vaccines, a charter, or any other critical operation into Australia, Aero Adapt remains available at short notice through our end-to-end aviation services to secure necessary permits and services as required.

Our team at Aero Adapt are proud to have played a role in transporting Australia’s vaccines. As a result of this vital mission, Australia is now on a pathway to eliminate border closures and reopen international travel.